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Education at Kansai International Academy is an immersion program aimed to foster “Japanese with a global vision”.

We value not only the ability to speak English, but to communicate effectively.

We also teach  Japanese while emphasizing culture in order to cultivate a strong understanding of Japanese culture in order to succeed as a global citizen.

  • 乳幼児部
  • 幼稚園部
  • 初等部
  • 中等部
  • 進路・資格
  • 習い事

We have 12 campuses, 9 in Kansai and 3 in Tokyo:


Kansai International School

sc_ashiyaKobe sc_ashiyaAshiya
sc_higashiosakaHigashi Osaka

Sakura International School


sc_hirakataHirakata sc_akashiAkashi


sc_tennojiTennoji (Nini) sc_tennojiTennoji (Lucias)
sc_bunkyoBunkyo sc_chiyodaChiyoda azafuAzabu