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Coffee Morning Vol.3

Coffee Morning Vol.3

Career Counselling at KIA Elementary and Secondary School 

  KIA Career Counselling may be different from what you imagine. We support students to plan their future by taking in part of the students' voice, considering individuals’ will, skill and knowledge. 

  At KIA Elementary Career Counselling, students realise what they learn at school leads to their future. Also, it gives an opportunity for students to think about it both at school and at home. Referring to the data of our graduates, we will share what kind of elements they have considered when deciding their junior highschool. 

  Students at KIA Secondary School will start thinking about their future in detail. They plan and decide on their study abroad destination and goals, and the course for G11-12 years with their own will. Career Counselling at KIA Secondary School will begin with brainstorming interests with each student, to find their goals and future dream, to plan a career plan and to create a portfolio. It prepares them to describe themselves outside the world. We will share about possible options for DP students and also available scholarships for both national and international universities.