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Staff training at Kobe campus

Staff training at Kobe campus

Staff training at Kobe campus started off with reflecting and discussing our “Essential Agreement”. 

We got into groups and unpacked what KIA values and what they mean. What does it mean by “inquiry”? What is a leader? Noticing there are many possible definitions for a word was an eye opening opportunity to discover and rethink what we truly value at KIA. We also worked on case studies and applied the aspect of KIA essential agreements to think of ways to run a homeroom.

In the secondary staff training, there was a session about “Visualising Curriculum”. We listed the things we already have such as SAC bulletin board, SDGs panel and House board. We then discussed more possible opportunities to enrich our learning community. 


At KIA staff training week, we share ideas as a team to make a better school, a better learning community. We would like to strive to challenge ourselves!

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