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PYP Exhibition

In March, we completed Unit 5: Who We Are and successfully executed our PYP Exhibition event. In this unit, we focused on the idea that individuals can impact society during their lifetimes. Together, we explored the connection between school and society, the diversity of individuals, and our purpose in life.

Throughout this unit, students led their own inquiry of a topic within the frameworks of the unit theme. While the students have been working on their research for this project for many months, they began to transform their ideas and information into presentations by making slides and posters, taking action within their communities, and by collaborating with many members of the learning community.

With the support of their KIA mentors, the students embraced the opportunity to share their understanding of a real-life issue or topic and worked hard to reflect on all of their learning while developing skills of presentation and assessment.

Our students worked with a variety of members of the learning community to make this happen and built new relationships along the way. Key members with whom the students partnered include KIA elementary school teachers and office staff members, student peers at Okinawa International School (OIS), and all of the supportive KIA grade 6 parents. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for all of your support, effort, and contributions to your child's inquiry. We couldn't have been successful without you! We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

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