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Emergency drills 

At KIA, we conduct an emergency drill every month. These include earthquake, tsunami, fire, flood and stranger drills.

The purpose of these emergency drills is for the staff to remain calm and act accordingly during an emergency. It is a great opportunity to make sure we understand what each of our roles are. 

We discuss the emergency drill plans during the weekly school safety committee. 
For example, during earthquake drills, we plan the drill assuming that there are injuries. We discuss how to find and make sure that those who are injured are safe. An important aspect during these plans is imagination. We use our imagination to prepare for an emergency and create and strengthen systems through these drills.

During the stranger drill, the Nada Police Station observed our drills and gave us specific feedback, such as the stranger being too close of a distance to the staff. They have also remarked that the staff are working well together to deal with the stranger.

After each drill, we send out feedback forms to the staff as we are always looking for room for improvement. They gave us concrete feedback that came from participating in these drills, such as “we were not able to hear the announcement” and “when should we put on the disaster prevention hood?

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