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Let’s talk about runny noses

The dry season continues. February 4 is spring according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. However, between late January and February is likely to be the coldest time of the year. Let’s take precautions against infectious diseases by washing our hands and gargling thoroughly.

“Let’s talk about runny noses”

Children are likely to have runny noses due to the changing season and allergies. Aside from runny noses, if symptoms such as fever, lack of appetite and sticky mucus like yellow or green mucus persist, please seek a medical professional. 

【Why does our body produce mucus?】
Mucus is important to protect our body, as it gets rid of viruses stuck to our noses and throats. Also, it protects the nose from inflammation. 

【Small children need assistance clearing their mucus】

For small children who cannot blow their noses by themselves, please wipe their noses with a tissue or use a nasal aspirator. Blowing their noses too often can result in the skin beneath the nose turning red. 

【How to assist children who can blow their noses on their own】

First off, the child will breathe in through the mouth, then cover their entire nose with the tissue and press against the nose. 
Hold one nostril and slowly blow the nose. It is important not to blow too hard.
Wipe the mucus while pinching the nose and then throw away the tissue.

【What the color of the mucus tells us】

◉When the mucus is clear: it is often the result of the changing temperature. It may signal the beginning stages of becoming sick. Not wiping the nose can result in irritation of the skin.

◉When the mucus is yellow or green: there is a possibility of an infection. Please go to the hospital as soon as possible. Compared to clear mucus, it is sticky and can get stuck in the back of the nose. In such a case, raising the room temperature makes it easier to clear the mucus. 

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