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How We Organize Ourselves

In unit two, we learned about energy and how it helped us in the world.

Our central idea was  Energy can be changed to fulfill our needs.

In the first line of inquiry which was, The different types of energy and their characteristics.we looked at the different forms and types of energy. We first learned about kinetic and potential energy and we noticed that these forms of energy were everywhere. We conducted experiments to find out more about potential and kinetic energy. 


Our LOI 2 was How energy is used in our lives. We looked at how humans can utilize energy to provide for their needs. We learned that energy can be changed from one form to another and we did some experiments to further explore this concept. We looked briefly at how energy is used in Japan, Our school, our homes and the world.   

We learned interesting facts about light and sound energy. We conducted a simple experiment to see how vibrations made by sound can move things. For light we learned about how light traveled and that some things were transparent, translucent or opaque. We did some simple activities using light to better understand these concepts.   



For students to understand how chemical energy works, we did a chemical reaction experiment using vinegar and baking soda.

Our LOI 3 was, Using energy responsibly. 
We thought carefully about how we use energy and researched ways to find out how we can use energy responsibly. We connected our learning to our ICT class in which we are learning about  research and search engines. We created slides, posters and other types of presentations to show how we can use energy more responsibly.

We compared our use of energy at home and at school and thought about how we can use energy  more efficiently. We realized that we use a  lot of electrical energy as it can be changed to so many other forms of energy.  We have decided that we will practice efficient use of energy in the future.

Curriculum Lab Article 2022-2023

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