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横浜青葉校 Yokohama-AOba

横浜青葉校 Yokohama-AOba





Yokohama Aoba really had a great time during Summer School. The students learned and roleplayed how it is to go to an airport by making passports, checking in their luggage and boarding a plane.

Each day, we visited a new country, and learned about the environment, some of the local landscapes and the native animals.  During science week, they conducted many science experiments and made a lot of crafts to learn different scientific principles.  

Some of the experiments and crafts they did included making waterproof boats with materials from our makerspace, making paper cup telephones to learn about sound vibrations and mixing ingredients to make playdough (because cooking is also a delicious science).

We all really enjoyed summer school, and had a lot of fun especially during our Summer Party! 

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