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横浜青葉校 Yokohama-Aoba

横浜青葉校 Yokohama-Aoba



At Yokohama-Aoba, we spent some time studying flowers!🌷🌸
 Children brought in donations of different flowers to share with the class in circle time, and we used them for many different activities!✨
 The flowers became our paintbrushes in our craft time, and after we were done, we used the petals to make a sensory bin that smelled so nice. 
On hot days, we froze the petals and cooled down outside. 🧊We sorted flowers by colors and size, and worked on our counting skills counting the number of petals on different flowers. They have even become more interested in the flowers growing outside on our daily walks to the park. Today, we saw hydrangeas. They loved to see such big flowers!🥰

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