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横浜青葉校 Yokohama-Aoba

横浜青葉校 Yokohama-Aoba






Hello!😄 This is Yokohama-Aoba campus!

We have a lovely backyard, so we can enjoy he snow in different ways at our campus!⛄️
 When it started snowing, soon we went outside as fast as we could to play!  Lots of snow fell and stayed on students' heads. But it disappeared as we came inside. “Snow becomes water when it melts!” The students started thinking about why and how. 

The next day, we played with the fallen snow making a snowman, gathering snow with a shovel car, and having a snowball fight.  We enjoyed the texture of the fluffy snow! 

In K1, we’re learning about the earth’s natural cycles and seasonal changes. This snowy day gave us a great opportunity to think about it and really experience the winter season!


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