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天王寺ルシアス Tennoji Lucias

天王寺ルシアス Tennoji Lucias


スイカ割りに見立てたピニャータ割りに大盛り上がり🍉 中にはお菓子が入っており、子ども達は目隠しをしてピニャータ割りを楽しみました!最後に子ども達はお菓子をもらって嬉しそうな笑顔を見せてくれました:)





Hi everyone! This is Tennoji Lucias Campus!

On August 20th, the last day of summer school, a big event, the Summer Party, took place!🌈

The children had a great time smashing the piñatas, which were made to look like watermelons!🍉  The piñatas were filled with sweets, and the children enjoyed smashing the piñatas blindfolded! At the end, the children received sweets and showed us their happy smiles!

The ball toss game, where each person threw a ball at the colourful targets.

 Everyone had a serious look on their face as they scooped the bouncy balls, carefully making sure not to tear the ball scooping paper!🏐

In the fan making session, each of us created a fan with a summer image! They created very creative works such as watermelons and fireworks!✨

On the last day of the summer school, all the participants were given a certificate with their photo on it by their homeroom teachers! All the children looked so happy to receive their certificate.😄

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