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Secondary students with special guest

Secondary students with special guest

Secondary students are now rehearsing for their upcoming production in November. We invited Ms. Erika Iida, who is a professional musical actress for an online workshop. Ms. Iida also appeared in the musical version of the play "Oliver Twist" which our secondary students are working on. 

In this workshop, we asked questions students prepared.

Students asked many questions like “When I get nervous, I speak fast. What can I do?” “What are the things you consider when making a character?”. Ms. Iida taught us to “talk as if you were trying to convey your message” “imagine background and relationships between different characters that aren’t on the script, and think about the reasons a character behaves in such a way” “the reason behind the word”, which students found very useful.

After the workshop, we also had a solo lesson for one of our students. She taught us how to open a mouth, where to put emotion into, when to take breaths and more professional techniques. It was an amazing experience for the student to have this opportunity to learn from a professional actress. 

Thank you very much Ms. Iida, for your time with us.
Secondary students got inspired and motivated to prepare for their show!

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