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PYP Exhibition Mentor Meeting

PYP Exhibition Mentor Meeting

I went to see a mentor meeting! 

Mentor meetings are for a student and their mentor to meet and discuss their topic to prepare for the PYP Exhibition. Mentors support students by asking questions, giving some tips, and also support mentally. 

The student was talking about the relationship between Social Media and Mental Health. She researched the history of Social Media, and pondered why people tend to believe things without knowing whether it's true or not, leading to a keyword “April Fool”. It was an interesting meeting, which I wished to continue. 

The mentor questioned the student what kind of posts makes the student like or share a Social Media post. 

All G6 students have their own mentors to work with and they are preparing for their PYP Exhibition! We are all excited to see their presentations! 

PYP Exhibition is for G6 students to finish off their PYP curriculum. They decide on their research topic, then experiment or take action and present on the PYP Exhibition day.

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