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天王寺nini Tennoji nini

天王寺nini Tennoji nini



Hello! This is Sakura International School Tennoji nini campus.
At nini, we always strive to make school a fun and exciting experience, but recognize the importance of safety. We have emergency drills more than once a month. In August, we practiced walking down stairs from the 4th floor to the 1st through a drill.
For most Teddy Bear students, it was their first time practicing a drill outside of the campus and some of them looked a little anxious. Even though they were nervous, they did their best!😊
Many Mermaid students, with practice from when they were a teddy, showed confidence going down the stairs just holding onto the handrail and not a teacher’s hand.🍀
We talked to our students about what to do in an emergency and will continue to do these drills over and over again so we are prepared. 


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