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日本橋校 Nihombashi

日本橋校 Nihombashi




The K2 students went for their first Summer Camp.

It was a memorable experience for the children and they got to  spend time doing lots of activities; such as making key chains, visiting a planetarium, doing a nature walk and a candle light evening. There was even a sudden storm, with thunder, heavy rain and two power outages, but since everyone was together, we were not scared! No one cried, and the teachers were surprised by their children’s strength.
The students spent an exciting two days away from home and came back safe and beaming with happiness and smiles. Through all the camp activities, the students have achieved many things and made great progress. They gained a sense of accomplishment by doing things by themselves, managing their luggage, and cooperating with their friends. Most importantly, they gain courage and confidence throughout this experience.


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