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日本橋校 Nihombashi

日本橋校 Nihombashi



Hello! This is Sakura International School Nihonbashi.😄
Just thinking about it, at what age do you think your child's brain develops?
Actually, at the age of three, 80% of your child's  brain is already developed. So, what kind of stimulation should be given to the brain before the age of three, when the brain grows rapidly, to make it "smarter"?
The answer to this question is very well understood by our Baby/Toddler class, and ELC class students!✨

At our Nihonbashi campus, we offer a variety of activities based on a monthly theme and from the perspective of brain science to provide effective stimulation for your child's brain.

We also offer free trial lessons for our skill development classes! Why don't you come and join us for a fun and stimulating experience?

Feel free to contact us!


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