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IB at KIA -G9-

IB at KIA -G9-

Study around the world with independence and autonomy

G9 is the grade in which students start learning in their own unique environments away from what they have known, both in terms of place and people. As a homeroom teacher, I have been very encouraged to see how the G9 students, both those studying abroad and those studying at KIA, are gaining "independence" and "autonomy".

This year, the secondary school has created the School's Essential Agreement, which is based on the four main themes of "BEST"

  • Be Safe
  • Enjoy learning at school
  • Show respect for everyone
  • Take responsibility for our actions

The G9s actively expressed their opinions in each small group and contributed greatly to the overall discussion.

In addition, G9 took on a project as a class to translate the School's Essential Agreement into Japanese. When it was decided that they would do this project as a class, one student volunteered to be the leader. She took the responsibility of discussing the word-for-word translation with everyone in the class, sometimes consulting with the teachers, and led the class to produce an excellent Japanese translation. The student is now an active member of the Students' Action Committee (SAC).

I am proud to say that the G9 students, who are in their third year of inquiry-based learning in the secondary school, and who are also in the "middle" milestone year, were centrally involved in the creation of major rules regarding school life, with a strong sense of ownership that gives them a solid sense of "independence" and "autonomy.”

In the second half of this school year, in addition to classes and assignments, they were busy preparing for the musical production and studying abroad. In the musical production, each of the students made use of their individuality and various talents such as music and dance  to perform brilliantly. In the process of creating the various parts of the musical with a team of students from the secondary school, many of them showed leadership and earned the strong trust of the other students.


Currently, G9 students are divided into the U.S., Canada, Germany, and KIA (Japan) to pursue their studies in different areas of the world. As they continue their studies in their respective locations, they have more opportunities to think deeply about their future career paths. They have begun to research necessary matters on their own and actively ask questions to their teachers, and I can see a definite growth in the way they sincerely face their career paths.

G9's journey to study in different areas of the world will continue for a little while longer. We are very much looking forward to seeing the G9 students’ true growth after this trip.

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