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IB at KIA -G8-

IB at KIA -G8-

Stepping out

As our G8 students have moved from being the youngest class at secondary, to one with experience and know-how, it has been a pleasure to see them grow into their identities and pursue their interests this year. In what has continued to be a year unlike any other, the G8 students have always done everything they can to be positive and highly valued members of their school community. G8 marks an important transitional year, with much to look forward to, both this year and in the next.



The year began in challenging circumstances, but G8 should be celebrated for their hard work and dedication during our period of distance learning. This commitment ensured that they were properly prepared for when school resumed. Academically, G8 have succeeded both individually and as a cohort. Every class, and every subject is another chance for them to demonstrate their growing knowledge and understanding, and they never disappoint. G8 has been a model of concentration and participation, leading the way for the other year levels. Despite the rigorous curriculum and numerous commitments, G8 have always put in their best efforts. This is something that should be celebrated.


The numerous events this year have also given the G8 students a chance to demonstrate their worth, and to engage in their school community. From the Speech Contest final in Term 1, in which G8 had 4 members involved, to the more recent Athletics Day, G8 have had a strong hand in ensuring the success and prestige of these events. As for the Musical Production, it has been so wonderful to see so many G8 students take a leadership role in the preparation. The dancers, designers, musicians and actors should all be celebrated. It was a grand success. 


Of course, since the end of Term 1, one of the major focal points for G8 has been their study abroad program. So much is asked of our students, and they have all, once again, proven how committed they are. So much research into school all over the world has taken place, and every student going abroad has taken this experience very seriously. All the G8 students have fulfilled their responsibilities amazingly, with a number of them having already secured placements for next year. Those that remain are working hard on filling out applications, engaging in video interviews and making sure everything is in order for what will be a life changing experience. 


G8 marks the start of our students’ transition from junior members of the secondary school, to mature students who take responsibility for their education and the future of their lives. It has been a joy to see their growth, their enthusiasm and their warmth shine all year.









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