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IB at KIA -G7-

IB at KIA -G7-

The transition from elementary school to junior high school is challenging for any student in any school. Despite the pandemic, we wanted the new G7s to experience a memorable start at our secondary school. We were really excited to be able to have entrance ceremony at the Black Box Theater. All of them enjoyed watching the introduction video created by the G12 students.

As you can see in the pictures, it was also the first opportunity for them to wear their secondary school uniform.

Our G7 students have experienced numerous changes such as having several teachers and subjects. In order for the new students to feel part of the secondary school community, we started the year with an orientation day lead by older students. Students worked together with the house team. All of them have shown great self-management skills progress throughout term 1. They also have also demonstrated a great level of flexibility and independence during the distance learning period we had during the first term.

The junior high school curriculum can be quite demanding, but it also gives the students new opportunities outside the classroom such as horseback riding or the musical production.

We are looking forward to the many events we have this term such as the athletics day, the science exhibition and the design fair.
The G7 students have had quite a journey thus far and we are excited to continue to see them grow.

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