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IB at KIA -G2-

IB at KIA -G2-

During the summer at KIA the G2s had a wonderful time at school. We focused on Unit 2, which is Who We Are. In the unit, we learned about how to be a good friend, how to respect other people’s perspectives, and lastly how to solve problems.

The G2s work very well as a team and strengthened their friendships. 

During this unit, we take Drama classes with Ms Yano. All the students adore Drama lessons and look forward to the classes all year. Ms Yano focuses on lots of role-playing and also the skills they need for Musical Production. The role plays are mainly about friendship and how during friendships we sometimes have disagreements, big and small, and how we can solve those problems. They are a great way for the students to think deeply about the script and be able to understand different perspectives.


Another exciting thing we did was visit the Poupelle Bus. The students enjoyed the mini outing and thought the Art on display was beautiful. They had discussions about what they saw, but their favorite part was the unique way the art was displayed, on a bus!

Our next Unit is Sharing the Planet, where we learn about our earth’s resources and how we can preserve them. It is lots of fun and a good opportunity for us to take action!  Term 1 was fantastic, and we are looking forward to Term 2 and all the new things we will learn together.


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