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IB at KIA -G1-

IB at KIA -G1-

Congratulations to all G1 students on their enrollment!
This spring, a total of 32 children were enrolled in the Elementary School. We were not able to hold the entrance ceremony last year, but we are very happy that we were able to do so despite the many limitations.
The ceremony was held at our school’s facility, the Black Box Theatre, and the new G1 students made a very cool entrance, listened carefully during the ceremony, and enjoyed watching the welcome video.

After we started our new school life, we first explored the school building. We checked where to line up after recess, where the nurse’s office and music room were, how to enter the staff room, and wrote them down on our worksheets.

We experienced many firsts such as our first school lunch, our first PE class, our first Karate class, etc. We gradually got used to school life. It was during this time that the school decided to offer distance learning, so we quickly started learning ICT skills.
In a short period of time, we learned how to connect to Zoom, practice turning mute on and off, and how to use Seesaw. During the distance learning period, students are working hard on their assignments every day.

Our first UOI is “Who We Are” and the central idea we are inquiring into is “We are each unique individuals within our school community”. We are learning about school in a unique online way, by inviting non-classroom teachers to our morning homeroom Zooms, and interacting with students from all grades through our house team Seesaw.
We are looking forward to interacting with the teachers and children we have met online when we are able to attend school again.


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