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Secondary Horse Back Riding

Secondary Horse Back Riding

I accompanied HorseBack Riding classes!
This time, I accompanied both G7 (compulsory) and G8 (elective) classes. 

After a 20 minutes of bus ride from school, students prepared and tacked their horses. 

Some students were members of HorseBack Riding club as an extracurricular activity, who were more used to the horses. They helped their classmates giving advice, helping each other and there was a friendly atmosphere.

However, they changed the look on their faces. Some students were having hard time catching up with the rhythm with the horse, but were able to get it after receiving advice from the teacher. Also, there were some students who were reflective on their ride. It was very interesting to see different faces of students!

I hope to come back again, to share some moments of students at horseback riding class. 

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