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枚方校 Hirakata

枚方校 Hirakata




Hello everyone! Hirakata School enjoyed Summer school!

This year, the K2 students (4 years old) to 2nd grade elementary classes are spending time together and learning about various painters and masterpieces in line with the theme of the second week, [Art in Action]. After learning about the various tools and techniques used to paint the masterpieces, such as brushes, pencils, watercolors and oil paints, they spent the rest of the day learning that art is about freedom of expression and to create a masterpiece is to be unique. Even our hands can be used as tools to paint! So, they painted their own pictures on clear vinyl material using oil paints. The feeling of the paints made the children say, "It feels so good! It's fun! They were so excited to feel the paint and make hand and finger pictures onto the vinyl.

During the rest of the 6-day art in action theme they learnt about Picasso and enjoyed making polka-dot pumpkins like Yayoi Kusama's. The children also made natural paints using wild grapes from the garden and overgrown grass. For example, they used turmeric spice for the yellow color. When painting with the paints they made, they also said, "This smells bad!”, “Oh, but this smells good!” and “This smells like grapes!" They enjoyed using their special paints very much.


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