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枚方校 Hirakata

枚方校 Hirakata

まずは様々なミュージカルの動画を観て、それぞれの曲がどんな気持ちにさせるのか、また、どんな気持ちになる曲で踊りたいかを話し合った結果、「Lala land」の「Another day of sun」に決定しました。

練習してみると、考えた動きに曲のテンポが合わずバラバラで、先生が撮影した動画を子どもたちに見せると、”It’s so messy….”とガッカリ。


Have a happy Winter Celebration !!

The K2 students of Hirakata campus have started preparing for the upcoming big event "Winter Celebration". This year's theme is musicals, so first they watched videos of various musicals and discussed what kind of feeling each song represents  and what kind of feeling they would like to dance. They decided on "Another day of sun" from the  Lala Land musical. The music video was very colorful and the scene where actors danced on the car was exciting to see. They also requested that the cars from the video should definitely be on stage with them, so they designed one car each and made their own original cars.

For the dance part, the children took the initiative in coming up with the dance. The movements which the children came up with didn't match the tempo of the song, and the movements were too complicated. When the teacher took a video of the practice and showed it to the children, they were disappointed and said, "It's so messy....".. But that's not the end of the story for the children at KIA.
With the help of the teachers, they simplified the movements, tried again, and were delighted to see that everyone's movements were perfectly aligned, demonstrating one of KIA's image of learners as "reflective”.

Now, we are almost ready for the big show. I can't wait to see what they have prepared for us!
Have a happy Winter Celebration !

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