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姫路校 Himeji

姫路校 Himeji

姫路校K3クラスの生徒たちは、「Who We Are」私たちは誰なのか:日常生活においてバランスの取れた選択をすることで健康的な毎日を送ることができるをテーマに学習をしています💪


The K3 students at Himeji campus are studying the theme "Who We Are: Making balanced choices about daily routines enables us to have a healthy lifestyle.” 💪As part of this, they learned through an experiment using eggs that we can make the choice to brush our teeth every day or not, and what the effects of making that choice are. 🥚
First the students guessed which foods make our teeth healthier and which foods are not good for our teeth. Then the students soaked the eggs in cola to see what would happen. The students were surprised to see the eggs turn brown. 😳
By brushing them with toothpaste they were able to whiten the eggs a little.🦷✨
They learned the importance of brushing their teeth repeatedly every day and also to make healthy food choices.🧐
 We are sure that they are now brushing their teeth at home without any hassle!🦷

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