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姫路校 Himeji

姫路校 Himeji




Today I'd like to share some of the "Community Workers and Transportation" related activities the Himeji Mermaid class (2-year-olds) did in January.🚓👮‍♀️

  During this month the students learned about the roles of various vehicles, as well as the occupations of those who drive them. The Mermaid students visited the "Sakura Post Office" (The K1 class) to experience how post officers help the community.🏣 The K1 students took the role of being the post officer and the Mermaid students learned how to send a letter by buying stamps and posting letters in a mailbox. It was also a good opportunity for the K1 class (3-year-olds) to experience this occupation as well.✨

 In addition, the Mermaid students will soon become K1 students, so they were very excited to visit K1 and observe how the older students behave in class.🌸

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