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姫路校 Himeji

姫路校 Himeji

姫路校 幼稚園部は、毎週木曜日が音楽の日です🎶


We have our music lessons every Thursday at Himeji campus. 🎶The music teacher, Mr. Laing teaches how fun music is through different activities such as singing, dancing and using musical instruments.

It's so fun that it is one of the students’ favorite lessons! The class starts with vocalization and moves on  to making rhythms.✨ They use their bodies to enjoy music and they sometimes play musical games. Mr. Laing plays the piano and the kids sing or play along with him using musical instruments like castanet or xylophone. We are starting to prepare for our Winter Celebration which will be held in December so students will have more fun dancing and singing from now on.👏🏻 We are looking forward to showing parents the achievements that the students made!💓

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