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姫路校 Himeji

姫路校 Himeji

姫路校3歳児(年少)クラス・4歳児(年中)クラスの子どもたちは、サマースクールの「Go for the Goal」のテーマに合わせて、オリンピックのピクトグラムを作って楽しみました!


The K2 and K3 students at Himeji Campus were filled with excitement and creativity when they did a pictogram craft during the Olympic Summer School with the theme ‘Go for the Goal’! The K2 and K3 students first watched a video about pictograms and discussed the different sports. They were later shown pictures of the pictograms. Each student was given the opportunity to choose the pictogram they were most interested in. The students were then given full creative freedom to decorate the pictograms using the Makerspace activity center.⚽⚾

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