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東大阪校 Higashi-Osaka

東大阪校 Higashi-Osaka


Show and Tell!



Hi there! We are all very excited and proud to share what the children learned at Higashi Osaka campus. 

Show and Tell Time! 
One child gave his friends a unique experience by coming up with his theme, thinking, 'I want my friends to see a frog eating food!' With such passion, he brought his precious pet frog to school and gave a live demonstration to everyone by feeding her grasshoppers. Everyone, including the teachers, could not take their eyes off! Through such an unforgettable experience, the children learned a part of the food chain by witnessing it in real life! 

Onboard your flight bound for Antarctica! 
The K1 class went through passport control and experience a comfortable flight to Antarctica! Since they learned about the animals that live there (from the school's unit 'Sharing the Planet'), they were very excited to observe those animals with their handmade telescopes. The room was as cold as Antarctica, and the children's hearts were racing with excitement! It was a moment that will be firmly etched in their minds, as if they had truly traveled! 

Learning through these kinds of ways can become more meaningful than just learning, and will surely stay with the children for the rest of their lives.


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