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Let's defeat all viruses and bacteria!

Viruses and bacteria are lurking everywhere and many children have caught a cold. To do our best to prevent that, each class learned where the germs are lurking. They also learned how to protect themselves from them through learning how to wash hands and brush their teeth properly, even having the opportunity to do an experiment. Each class had a different experience! What did they do, we wonder? Let's find out!

In the K1 class, the students who couldn’t normally see the bacteria learned how germs transfer on their hands. They all wrote the bacteria on their hands!

Meanwhile, the K2 students lined up side-by-side, pretending each one was a tooth inside a mouth. They learned what it was like to be teeth and the effect of only brushing their front teeth. In the end, they learned the importance of brushing even the back of each tooth.

As for the K3 students, glitter was used to imitate the germ. It was placed on their hands. The children saw a great visualization of how much germs can spread just by shaking hands with their friends!

Lastly, the ELC class saw 'germs' (pepper) floating in the water. They were all surprised to see the effect soap can have when some of their friends placed their soaped-up fingers in the bowl and watched the 'germs' run away from the finger. The children enjoyed a fun experiment!

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