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千代田校 Chiyoda

千代田校 Chiyoda





Hello! During Chiyoda ELC class, the students did an activity where they enjoyed going through the tunnels! 

At first, some students sometimes bumped their heads and bodies, but they can try again while thinking about things like, 
“I should bend over a little more next time.” or 
“This is where I bumped my head earlier.” 
and through this type of play, the students will be able to have a “body awareness” in their mind. Having this body awareness is a very important process of children's growth. 

It allows them to know how to use their own body to protect themselves from danger using their sense of touch.

We encourage you to try playing with your children at home to develop a body awareness, for example, by having them try to go through cardboard boxes or practice walking down a straight path.


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