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文京校 Bunkyo

文京校 Bunkyo


1歳児クラス(Teddy Bear)クラスでは、豆まきに似せて、ボールを使って鬼に当てる活動を楽しみました。

In Bunkyo campus, we celebrated  Setsubun Day all together!

In Kindergarten classes, students enjoyed the craft time and they made a special sushi roll called “Ehomaki'' in Japan ! K1 students are especially excited to play a role by showing their big mouth and pretending to eat the big, long sushi roll to teachers.
When they saw the red and green paper, they said “Green is cucumber!” They had fun rolling their hand-made ingredients into rice and dried seaweed called Nori in Japanese.

Teddy Bear class students had fun doing the ball-throwing activity as they cannot use beans in the current corona situation. In the craft time, they made Oni face by themselves.  
Now they know there is a kind of oni and it is not scary anymore!
Cute Oni faces made by Teddy Bear students were exhibited in the hallway and everyone felt happy with their cute creations!

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