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文京校 Bunkyo

文京校 Bunkyo



Hello!! This is what we did on the Bunkyo campus!
In K3class, we enjoyed zoom presentation with Higashi Osaka K3.

In our Inquiry  based learning in this Unit, K3 thinks and wonders about the public transportation system. When we asked them what kind of questions they would like to ask other K3s, they had lots of ideas like “How do you want to go to Osaka from Tokyo?,” Why do you think so?”, ”What do you want to do in Tokyo? (Osaka??)”, 
Bunkyo K3 were very excited to share their thoughts with drawings of their favorite vehicles! 
After the Zoom, they got more curious not only about the topics we talked about but also ideas and  other compas’s K3 students.
In K1 class, they enjoyed having a zoom session with K1s on other campuses this month! 
Guess what they are sharing about? These are their favorite animals (they call them ‘’friends”). They have been confident to take care of them in Bunkyo K1! Well done K1 students!

 On this day, there is an Assembly themed “Dreamed Community Workers” Students came to the campus with their favorite occupation’s costume.

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