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文京校 Bunkyo

文京校 Bunkyo


テーマは🧪‘Olympics’とOcean Animals🐋🐠🦀
K2 クラス:オリンピック開会式を再現し、国の代表になりきってこの後のレースを盛り上げました!





In K2,we made big flags for our opening ceremony and marched in as representatives of a country. After the English and Japanese announcements, we danced, sang a song and lit the Olympic flame together!

Let's make it higher with teamwork! It is difficult to do quickly but we can do it with our friends!

The K1 class Balanced Race with a spoon and small ball! Guess which team won the game??

Let's make a strong foil ship! Use imagination and science to create it! How many balls does it carry??

How long can you keep it flowing?

Draw beautiful ocean by paint ices! What animals are living in your lovely ocean?


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