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麻布校 Azabu

麻布校 Azabu




PS. 福笑いで描いた顔を子どもたちは”Mr, Hyoroto”と名付けました。


At Azabu campus, our first assembly theme for 2022 was New Year’s activities and games. 

One of the classes made tigers using different materials. They recycled paper rolls and shaped paper clay into little animal figures. Afterwards, they enjoyed decorating them with paint.

In another class, they experienced the traditional Japanese New Year’s game "Fukuwarai".
The teacher asked the children about the meaning of Fukuwarai. The students couldn't quite come up with an idea of what "Fuku" meant, but they understood the meaning of “Warai”, saying,  "Warai is laughing, right?" and  "Doesn't it mean 'good fortune comes to those who laugh' like we learned in Japanese language class?"

The children paired up and challenged each other to a game of Fukuwarai.  They laughed a lot when they saw how funny the faces looked, and said, "Now we understand why it’s called Fukuwarai.”
PS. The children named the face they drew with the fukuwarai as "Mr. Hyoroto".

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