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芦屋校 Ashiya

芦屋校 Ashiya


※補足:-今週のサマースクールのテーマ ”サイエンスを楽しもう!!”の一環です。

ルールはハンカチ落としと同じですが、ハンカチを お水を含んだスポンジ に変えて遊びました♪

This week’s Summer School theme was “Let’s Enjoy Science” and we have been doing many different activities and experiments throughout the week at Ashiya campus.
Our students were so surprised to see what happens when we added mentos to cola. The soda came out with a blast and the children had so many different reactions! 😳🎉 
Some fell forwards, some backwards, and some tried to protect themselves from the reaction. 
Best of all, the children were so curious and there were so many questions: “Why does it blow up?” “What would happen if we put a different liquid in it?” 
We also played “Water Drop” with our friends during outside play time  - a little like the game “Duck, Duck, Goose” 🦆 but we used a water-soaked sponge! 🧽 Everyone was waiting to see if they would be the one to get splashed. They ran so fast 🏃🌪️and had lots of fun playing and exploring!🌟
We’re sad to see all the fun of Summer School coming to an end this week, but we still have all the fun of our Summer Party on the our last day and everyone is looking forward to it 🍉👘
Everyone is working hard and ready to have lots of fun together! 💪


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