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芦屋校 Ashiya

芦屋校 Ashiya






Happy New Year!🎍
 The students at Ashiya campus are enjoying themselves while celebrating the start of 2022 with different activities.🎍✨

The Teddy Bears(1 year olds) are working hard to decorate their dancing Shishimai lion craft projects. It is a lot of fun using our fingers to paint!👆

The Mermaid students (2 year olds) were able to glue decorative origami papers on their own Hagoita before using the traditional paddles to play with an Anpanman balloon.

K3 used ink and a brush to paint their own sheet of stripes to help celebrate the Year of the Tiger.🐯 The patterns will be used to decorate a life-sized cardboard tiger they are making!

The K3 students are playing a traditional game of Karuta to practice their quick-reading skills during class.

K2 enjoyed making a Year of the Tiger themed (ema) wish card for 2022.🐅 They also started making their own kites to fly for the new year and decorated them with drawings and messages.

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