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芦屋校 Ashiya

芦屋校 Ashiya




Long time no see, Shukugawa Koen! The K3 students eagerly greeted the nearby park for the first time in over a year and a half!👏
 We were finally able to go exploring around outside of school and both students and teachers were excited to have a short field trip through the neighborhood.✨

After reviewing proper road safety procedures to prepare for the trip, the class walked together in a line with partners. The students’ eyes lit up as we arrived at the park and were able to enjoy the different equipment on the playground. We were able to play on the swings, ride on the big seesaws, climb the jungle gym, and hang upside down on the monkey bars!💓
The trip to the park made the day very special and everyone is looking forward to another outing in the near future! 

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