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明石校 Akashi

明石校 Akashi



Hello XD!
This is Akashi campus!  Here is a look at the activity we did to celebrate the new year!

The K1 students (3 year olds) went kite flying, which is one of the New Year's traditional activities. They drew unique pictures with markers on the kites made of plastic bags, straws, string, and lily pads. The students took turns using the markers, and sharing the materials with each other. I wonder how the kite will fly? Will it fly high in the sky? They were very excited to decorate on them before flying them. 
We went to Akashi Park, which is next to the school. The students who were worried in the beginning eventually forgot all about it the moment they started kiting. When the students came back to the school, they reflected on what they had done by writing and drawing on their journals. They had a great time flying kites and wanted to play with their kites at home too!


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