Learning Support


At Kansai International Academy, a lot of classes are done in English to maintain the level of English, and one year of studying abroad is required. In order to give full support for the students, IESL (Intensive English as Second Language) teachers measure each student’s English ability, and make an action plan that suits each student to improve their weakness.

Study hall

We set classes free after school to make space for assignments, individual supplementary curriculum, and self-study under teachers from each subject. Also, we support students with their summative assignments, examinations outside school, and their self-management skills.


Middle and high school uses ‘スタディサプリ’ as a tool for self-studying after school. The use of it differs in each student as it can be used for preparing for classes, improving weakness, a study in advance, preparing for entering examinations for universities. Teachers becomes a ‘tutor’ for each student and depending on the student’s course and their achievement, teachers create a