Scholarship System

About scholarship system

  1. Purpose
    To support students who excel in Arts and Science and in-person, with difficulties to enter the school from economic circumstances by exempting total or partial school fees.
  2. Criteria
    a. English:

    The scores of English tests such as TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, Eiken, IELTS reaches around the level of C1 from The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and who is able to give the scores when applying

    b. Grades in elementary school:

    he grades in elementary school (past three years) where the student is enrolled is remarkably excelling

    c. Students who achieved remarkably excelling grades in Arts and Sciences:

    Mathematical Olympics, mock examinations, who either achieved an award or achieved remarkably excelling grades in various contests such as programming, a robotics contest

    d. Economic circumstances of guardian

  3. 世界基準の大会での入賞経験等の経歴を有する者


Exemption for scholarship students

Students who have passed the entrance examination for scholarship and enter our school may not have to pay all or part of the amount for following items in “”Tuition Fee List” for 6 years in the secondary school and high school.

  1. Enrollment fee
  2. Facility costs
  3. Annual tuition fee
  4. Facilities and education enhancement fee
  5. Study abroad support fee
  6. Intensive ESL tuition fee
    (only if attended)
  7. High school entrance fee