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Kansai International Academy aims to nurture leaders who will contribute to
the global society with
creativity and responsibility through bilingual inquiry learning done
in both Japanese and English.



Developing creative and responsible leaders who can contribute to Global Society through inquiry-based Japanese-English bilingual education


KIA is committed to creating a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters the development of emotionally resilient and open-minded learners, inspiring them to collaborate and take responsibility for their own words and actions as individuals and as members of the community.



Kansai International Academy reflects on education
for a future
through global perspectives
in order to
make the education
the best of the best.

School President
Kumiko Nakamura

Kenichiro Mogi

Secondary School Principal
Hiroko Takagi

Faculty & Staff

Curriculum Lab

The curriculum lab oversees the entire curriculum of the English, Japanese ,and
other language
departments and leads the academy’s development through the hiring of staff ,
assessment ,research ,and creating ties
with schools abroad.



Kansai International Academy Secondary School prepares the syllabus for all subjects and grades. All students overview their own curriculum for a year and figure out what their learning mean to them and how they will develop, and how they learn. Students use the syllabus as a “compass of learning” to help them to create their learning targets and plans.

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Kansai International Academy (KIA) believes that language is a fundamental tool for expressing ourselves and communicating with others while also learning about and contributing to the world around us.
Language is deeply connected to culture and community, and is thus central component of both individual and group identity.

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Kansai International Academy implements financial education from elementary school. Financial literacy is one of the basic skills necessary likely to writing and reading literacy.
Financial education is unique to itself by learning about money and looking at different subjects from different angles to nourish skills to live on oneself.

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All students are required
study abroad
for one year.

A one-year study abroad program
from the second semester of a junior high school student’s 3rd year.

Study Abroad


Round Square

As a candidate school of Round Square, KIA can offer students additional opportunities for learning and personal development through international travel, adventure, service projects, conferences, and school exchanges.
Round Square is an international network of 200 schools worldwide, all focused to encourage students’ personal and academic development both in and beyond the classroom. Round Square promotes six IDEALS of global citizenship: International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Awareness, Adventure, Leadership, and Service.

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We provide chances for different kinds of activities for service and action both inside and outside classes to develop rich humanity and social skills. By experiencing those activities, students will find more interest in society, which builds up to their base of thoughts and understandings. And this leads to problem-solving skills and inquiry

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Kansai International Academy Junior High School (KOBE) will hold a briefing session on admission.
If you’d like to enroll your children in our school, please feel free to call our junior high school and apply for the briefing.

Information Sessions

Admission Policy

Please see here for more details about admission and transfer KIA Secondary School during the school year 2020-2021.

Applying to KIA